For Parents/Carers

Parents and carers often worry about what career and job opportunities will be available for their children when they leave school. Qualifications are important, as well as a strong work ethic, but further education isn’t necessarily for everyone. Even if it is, what options are there?

As parents and carers you have a crucial part to play in influencing your children. We need you to understand that education is evolving and employability skills are key to your child’s future success.

We need parents and carers to understand what DYW Argyll is about.

Developing the Young Workforce Argyll and their key delivery partners will be available to support you and provide opportunities for you to learn more about:

  • The benefits of work based learning
  • The importance and relevance of the Modern Apprenticeship family
  • Growing industry sectors and career opportunities
  • Involvement with local schools
  • Local career opportunities

What is an apprenticeship?

By combining working and learning, an apprenticeship means your child gets the skills, experience and qualifications that help develop their career.

Foundation Apprenticeships – a taste of an apprenticeship while still at school

Modern Apprenticeships – get a job, get paid, get qualified

Graduate Apprenticeships – a new way to work, learn and earn and earn a degree

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