Young Person’s Guarantee

Launched as part of Scotland’s COVID-19 economic recovery in November 2020, the Young Person’s Guarantee is a commitment to every 16-24 year old in Scotland of an opportunity that will positively impact their future.

That opportunity could be a job, apprenticeship, further or higher education, training programme, or volunteering.

Are you 16-24 and considering your next step? There are lots of opportunities available, so you can find what’s right for you.

Visit to find your future.

For employers:

The Young Person’s Guarantee offers help to develop a future pipeline of skills and experience, with young people at the heart of the workforce. Young people bring organisations a wealth of talent, creativity, and enthusiasm, critical now and for future success.

Employers of all sizes and across all sectors can get involved with Young Person’s Guarantee in up to 5 ways:

  • Prepare young people for the world of work
  • Create opportunities for young people who face the greatest barriers to work
  • Invest in a skilled workforce through apprenticeships, training and upskilling opportunities
  • Create jobs and opportunities suitable for 16-24 year olds
  • Ensure a work environment which supports all young people and provides fair work

Whether you currently provide opportunities for young people or you’d like to start getting involved, there’s options available.

As your local DYW group we can provide more information and support. Contact us


Listen to Sandy Begbie, author of Young Person’s Guarantee – No One Left Behind talk about why he supports the Guarantee

John Stewart from SSE outlines why he is supporting young people through the Young Person Guarantee